Ideas of Reiss,J/Spreger,J, by Theme

[Austrian, fl. 2014, At universities in Linz and Turin]

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2. Reason / A. Nature of Reason / 5. Objectivity
One view says objectivity is making a successful claim which captures the facts
An absolute scientific picture of reality must not involve sense experience, which is perspectival
Topic and application involve values, but can evidence and theory choice avoid them?
The Value-Free Ideal in science avoids contextual values, but embraces epistemic values
Value-free science needs impartial evaluation, theories asserting facts, and right motivation
Thermometers depend on the substance used, and none of them are perfect
14. Science / A. Basis of Science / 3. Experiment
The 'experimenter's regress' says success needs reliability, which is only tested by success
14. Science / C. Induction / 6. Bayes's Theorem
The Bayesian approach is explicitly subjective about probabilities