Ideas of Anand Vaidya, by Theme

[American, fl. 2015, San Jose State University, California]

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1. Philosophy / F. Analytic Philosophy / 4. Conceptual Analysis
If 2-D conceivability can a priori show possibilities, this is a defence of conceptual analysis
9. Objects / D. Essence of Objects / 7. Essence and Necessity / c. Essentials are necessary
Essential properties are necessary, but necessary properties may not be essential
10. Modality / D. Knowledge of Modality / 4. Conceivable as Possible / a. Conceivable as possible
Define conceivable; how reliable is it; does inconceivability help; and what type of possibility results?
How do you know you have conceived a thing deeply enough to assess its possibility?
10. Modality / D. Knowledge of Modality / 4. Conceivable as Possible / c. Possible but inconceivable
Inconceivability (implying impossibility) may be failure to conceive, or incoherence
11. Knowledge Aims / A. Knowledge / 2. Understanding
Can you possess objective understanding without realising it?
13. Knowledge Criteria / A. Justification Problems / 2. Justification Challenges / b. Gettier problem
Gettier deductive justifications split the justification from the truthmaker
In a disjunctive case, the justification comes from one side, and the truth from the other
18. Thought / C. Content / 1. Content
Aboutness is always intended, and cannot be accidental