Ideas of Yale Kamisar, by Theme

[American, fl. 1958, Professor of Law at the University of Michigan.]

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25. Social Practice / F. Life Issues / 2. Euthanasia
We only allow voluntary euthanasia to someone who is both sane and crazed by pain
     Full Idea: It seems that voluntary euthanasia can only be carried out by someone who is both sane, and crazed by pain.
     From: Yale Kamisar (Against Euthanasia [1958], p.77)
     A reaction: A fair point, despite its obvious exaggeration. How much pain must someone experience before we permit them to choose euthanasia?
People will volunteer for euthanasia because they think other people want them dead
     Full Idea: In the process of voluntary euthanasia we will sweep up some who are not really tired of life, but think others are tired of them.
     From: Yale Kamisar (Against Euthanasia [1958], p.78)
     A reaction: We could permit such choices. Or set up systems to eliminate such cases.