Ideas of Arend Heyting, by Theme

[Dutch, 1898 - 1980, Pupil of Brouwer.]

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6. Mathematics / C. Sources of Mathematics / 6. Logicism / d. Logicism critique
Logic is dependent on mathematics, not the other way round
     Full Idea: Heyting (the intuitionist pupil of Brouwer) said that 'logic is dependent on mathematics', not the other way round.
     From: report of Arend Heyting (Intuitionism: an Introduction [1956]) by Stewart Shapiro - Thinking About Mathematics 7.3
     A reaction: To me, this claim makes logicism sound much more plausible, as I don't see how mathematics could get beyond basic counting without a capacity for logical thought. Logic runs much deeper, psychologically and metaphysically.