Ideas of Diodorus Cronus, by Theme

[Greek, 340 - 284 BCE, Born at Iasos in Caria (in Ionia). Head of the Dialecticians school. Taught Zeno of Citium, who founded Stoicism.]

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10. Modality / A. Necessity / 10. Impossibility
From the necessity of the past we can infer the impossibility of what never happens [White,MJ]
10. Modality / B. Possibility / 1. Possibility
The Master Argument seems to prove that only what will happen is possible [Epictetus]
10. Modality / B. Possibility / 8. Conditionals / d. Non-truthfunction conditionals
Conditionals are true when the antecedent is true, and the consequent has to be true
19. Language / D. Propositions / 4. Mental Propositions
Thought is unambiguous, and you should stick to what the speaker thinks they are saying [Gellius]