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Ideas of Daniel Jacobson, by Text

[American, fl. 2006, Professor at Bowling Green University, Ohio.]

2006 Ethical Criticism and the Vice of Moderation
Intro p.342 'Autonomism' says the morality is irrelevant to the aesthetics
Intro p.343 Moral defects of art can be among its aesthetic virtues
'emotional' p.347 Immoral art encourages immoral emotions
'emotional' p.350 Jokes can sometimes be funny because they are offensive
'emotional' p.351 Audiences can be too moral
'How moderate' p.345 Moderate moralism says moral qualities can sometimes also be aesthetic qualities
'rejection' p.354 We don't often respond to events in art as if they were real events
'What is' p.343 We can judge art ethically, or rate its ethical influence, or assess its quality via its ethics