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Ideas of Geoffrey Gorham, by Text

[American, fl. 2009, Professor at Macalester College, St Paul, Minnesota.]

2009 Philosophy of Science
2 p.38 Why abandon a theory if you don't have a better one?
3 p.75 If a theory is more informative it is less probable
4 p.96 Is Newton simpler with universal simultaneity, or Einstein simpler without absolute time?
4 p.98 Consilience makes the component sciences more likely
4 p.101 Structural Realism says mathematical structures persist after theory rejection
4 p.102 Structural Realists must show the mathematics is both crucial and separate
4 p.103 For most scientists their concepts are not just useful, but are meant to be true and accurate
4 p.103 Theories aren't just for organising present experience if they concern the past or future
4 p.110 Aristotelian physics has circular celestial motion and linear earthly motion