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Ideas of Brian R. Martin, by Text

[British, fl. 2011, Former Professor of Physics, University College, London.]

2011 Particle Physics
01 p.1 An 'element' is what cannot be decomposed by chemistry
01 p.11 A 'field' is just a region to which points can be assigned in space and time
01 p.13 The strong force has a considerably greater range than the weak force
01 p.14 Uncertainty allows very brief violations of energy conservation - even shorter with higher energies
01 p.16 The standard model combines theories of strong interaction, and electromagnetic and weak interaction
01 p.18 Many physicists believe particles have further structure, if only we could see it
02 p.27 The properties of a particle are determined by its quantum numbers and its mass
02 p.29 Eletrons don't literally 'spin', because they are point-like
02 p.29 The Exclusion Principle says no two fermions occupy the same state, with the same numbers
06 p.91 Electron emit and reabsorb photons, which create and reabsorb virtual electrons and positrons
06 p.96 Virtual particles surround any charged particle
07 p.103 If an expected reaction does not occur, that implies a conservation law
09 p.148 The Higgs field, unlike others, has a nozero value in a state without particles
10 p.159 String theory only has one free parameter (tension) - unlike the standard model with 19