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Ideas of Gavin Hesketh, by Text

[British, fl. 2016, Physicist based at University College London and CERN.]

2016 The Particle Zoo
01 p.7 Electrons are fundamental and are not made of anything; they are properties without size
01 p.10 Relativity and Quantum theory give very different accounts of forces
02 p.43 Quantum mechanics is our only theory, and is very precise, and repeatedly confirmed
03 p.47 Thermodynamics introduced work and entropy, to understand steam engine efficiency
03 p.53 Physics was rewritten to explain stable electron orbits
04 p.81 Colour charge is positive or negative, and also has red, green or blue direction
04 p.96 Quarks rush wildly around in protons, restrained by the gluons
05 p.108 Virtual particles can't be measured, and can ignore the laws of physics
05 p.110 Quarks and leptons have a weak charge, for the weak force
05 p.120 Electrons may have smaller components, bound by a new force
06 p.125 'Space' in physics just means location
06 p.142 Photons are B and W bosons, linked by the Higgs mechanism
08 p.186 Neutrinos only interact with the weak force, but decays produce them in huge numbers
09 p.232 The universe is 68% dark energy, 27% dark matter, 5% regular matter
09 p.233 The Standard Model omits gravity, because there are no particles involved
10 p.242 To combine the forces, they must all be the same strength at some point
10 p.242 In Supersymmetry the Standard Model simplifies at high energies
10 p.246 Standard Model forces are one- two- and three-dimensional
10 p.256 If a cosmic theory relies a great deal on fine-tuning basic values, it is probably wrong
11 p.272 Spinning electric charge produces magnetism, so all fermions are magnets