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Ideas of Adam Swift, by Text

[British, fl. 2014, Professor at the University of Warwick.]

2014 Political Philosophy (3rd ed)
p.182 The best way to build a cohesive community is to be involved in a war
1 'Concept' p.14 Justice can be seen as fairness or entitlement or desert
1 'Nozick' p.36 Redistributing wealth treats some people as means, rather than as ends
1 'Nozick' p.38 You can't necessarily sell your legitimate right to something, even if you produced it
1 'Rawls' p.26 Isn't it more rational to maximise the average position, but with a safety net?
1 'Rawls' p.28 Inequalities are needed, as incentives to do the most important jobs
1 'Rawls' p.29 Hypothetical contracts have no binding force
1 'Social' p.52 Cosmopolitans reject the right of different states to distribute resources in different ways
2 'Freedom' p.76 Libertarians about property ignore the fact that private property is a denial of freedoms
2 'Resisting' 6 p.91 We should respect the right of people to live in their own way, even if it is irrational
2 'Two' p.59 Maybe a freedom is from a restraint, and also in order to do something
3 'Equality' p.105 Opportunity should ignore extraneous factors, or foster competence, or ignore all disadvantages
3 'Gender' p.110 Men have had the power to structure all of our social institutions
3 'Intro' p.96 A person can desire redistibution of wealth, without it being for reasons of equality
4 'Conc' p.184 Membership and inclusion in a community implies non-membership and exclusion
4 'Correcting' p.147 Liberals mistakenly think individuals choose their values, without reference to the community
4 'Liberalism' p.175 Multiculturalism is a barrier to the whole state being a community
4 'Liberalism' p.176 Liberals are concerned to protect individuals from too much community
5 'Intrinsic 1' p.213 Anti-colonial movements usually invoke the right of their 'people' to self-determination
5 'Procedures' p.202 Teledemocracy omits debate and deliberation, which are important parts of good decisions
5 'Procedures' p.203 Democracy is bad, but the other systems are worse
5 'Subjectivism' p.209 Since all opinions are treated as equal in democracy, it implies there are no right answers
5 'Values' p.212 Design your democracy to yield political stability, or good decisions?
5 'Values' p.212 Design your democracy to treat citizens equally, or to produce better citizens?