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Ideas of Carlo Rovelli, by Text

[Italian, fl. 2014, Physicist in Marseilles, and popular science writer.]

2014 Reality is Not What it Seems
01 p.14 Zeno assumes collecting an infinity of things makes an infinite thing
03 p.65 The world is just particles plus fields; space is the gravitational field
04 p.101 Electrons only exist when they interact, and their being is their combination of quantum leaps
04 p.107 The basic ideas of fields and particles are merged in quantum mechanics
04 p.107 Because it is quantised, a field behaves like a set of packets of energy
04 p.109 There are about fifteen particles fields, plus a few force fields
04 p.110 The world consists of quantum fields, with elementary events happening in spacetime
04 p.111 Nature has three aspects: granularity, indeterminacy, and relations
04 p.115 Quantum Theory describes events and possible interactions - not how things are
04 p.116 Quantum mechanics describes the world entirely as events
04 p.116 Quantum mechanics deals with processes, rather than with things
04 note p.105 Electrons are not waves, because their collisions are at a point, and not spread out
11 p.205 There are probably no infinities, and 'infinite' names what we do not yet know
12 p.221 Only heat distinguishes past from future