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Ideas of Thomas Grundmann, by Text

[German, fl. 2011, Professor at Cologne University.]

2011 Defeasibility Theory
'Defeater-Defs' p.162 Can a defeater itself be defeated?
'Defeaters' p.160 Simple reliabilism can't cope with defeaters of reliably produced beliefs
'How' p.158 You can 'rebut' previous beliefs, 'undercut' the power of evidence, or 'reason-defeat' the truth
'Significance' p.163 Indefeasibility does not imply infallibility
'Significance' p.164 'Moderate' foundationalism has basic justification which is defeasible
'What' p.157 Defeasibility theory needs to exclude defeaters which are true but misleading
'What' p.157 Knowledge requires that there are no facts which would defeat its justification