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Ideas of Hamid Vahid, by Text

[Iranian, fl. 2011, Professor at the Institute of Fundamental Sciences, Teheran.]

2011 Externalism/Internalism
1 p.145 Epistemic is normally marked out from moral or pragmatic justifications by its truth-goal
2 A p.145 'Mentalist' internalism seems to miss the main point, if it might not involve an agent's access
2 A p.145 Externalism may imply that identical mental states might go with different justifications
2 B p.146 Strong access internalism needs actual awareness; weak versions need possibility of access
2 B p.146 Maybe we need access to our justification, and also to know why it justifies
2.2 B p.150 Internalism in epistemology over-emphasises deliberation about beliefs
3 p.150 With a counterfactual account of the causal theory, we get knowledge as tracking or sensitive to truth
4 p.153 Externalism makes the acquisition of knowledge too easy?
5 p.154 Maybe there is plain 'animal' knowledge, and clearly justified 'reflective' knowledge