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Ideas of Dougherty,T/Rysiew,P, by Text

[, fl. 2005, Professors at Baylor, and at Victoria]

2014 Experience First (and reply)
p.17 p.17 Rather than knowledge, our epistemic aim may be mere true belief, or else understanding and wisdom
p.24 p.24 It is nonsense that understanding does not involve knowledge; to understand, you must know
p.25 p.25 To grasp understanding, we should be more explicit about what needs to be known
2014 What is Knowledge-First Epistemology?
p.10 p.10 Entailment is modelled in formal semantics as set inclusion (where 'mammals' contains 'cats')
p.11 p.11 If knowledge is unanalysable, that makes justification more important
p.12 p.12 Don't confuse justified belief with justified believers