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Ideas of Anand Vaidya, by Text

[American, fl. 2015, San Jose State University, California]

2010 Understanding and Essence
Intro p.814 If 2-D conceivability can a priori show possibilities, this is a defence of conceptual analysis
'Application' p.830 In a disjunctive case, the justification comes from one side, and the truth from the other
'Application' p.831 Define conceivable; how reliable is it; does inconceivability help; and what type of possibility results?
'Application' p.831 Inconceivability (implying impossibility) may be failure to conceive, or incoherence
'Distinction' p.815 Gettier deductive justifications split the justification from the truthmaker
'Knowledge' p.819 Essential properties are necessary, but necessary properties may not be essential
'Objections' p.326 Aboutness is always intended, and cannot be accidental
'Objections' p.828 Can you possess objective understanding without realising it?
2015 The Epistemology of Modality
1.2.2 p.4 How do you know you have conceived a thing deeply enough to assess its possibility?