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Ideas of Halbach,V/Leigh,G.E., by Text

[, fl. 2013, At Oxford University.]

2013 Axiomatic Theories of Truth (2013 ver)
1 p.2 Semantic theories need a powerful metalanguage, typically including set theory
1.1 p.2 We can reduce properties to true formulas
1.1 p.2 Nominalists can reduce theories of properties or sets to harmless axiomatic truth theories
1.2 p.3 A natural theory of truth plays the role of reflection principles, establishing arithmetic's soundness
1.3 p.3 If we define truth, we can eliminate it
1.3 p.4 If deflationary truth is not explanatory, truth axioms should be 'conservative', proving nothing new
3.2 p.6 The T-sentences are deductively weak, and also not deductively conservative
3.3 p.7 If a language cannot name all objects, then satisfaction must be used, instead of unary truth
4.3 p.10 The FS axioms use classical logical, but are not fully consistent
4.4 p.11 KF is formulated in classical logic, but describes non-classical truth, which allows truth-value gluts