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Ideas of James O. Young, by Text

[Canadian, fl. 2013, Professor at the University of Victoria, Canada.]

2013 The Coherence Theory of Truth
Intro p.1 Deflationary theories reject analysis of truth in terms of truth-conditions
Intro p.1 Are truth-condtions other propositions (coherence) or features of the world (correspondence)?
1 p.1 Two propositions could be consistent with your set, but inconsistent with one another
1 p.1 Coherence theories differ over the coherence relation, and over the set of proposition with which to cohere
1 p.2 Coherence with actual beliefs, or our best beliefs, or ultimate ideal beliefs?
2.1 p.2 For idealists reality is like a collection of beliefs, so truths and truthmakers are not distinct
2.2 p.3 Coherence truth suggests truth-condtions are assertion-conditions, which need knowledge of justification
3.1 p.4 Coherent truth is not with an arbitrary set of beliefs, but with a set which people actually do believe
3.1/2 p.4 How do you identify the best coherence set; and aren't there truths which don't cohere?