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Ideas of Francesco Orsi, by Text

[Italian, fl. 2015, PhD at Reading, then at University of Tartu, Estonia.]

2015 Value Theory
1.2 p.4 Value-maker concepts (such as courageous or elegant) simultaneously describe and evaluate
1.2 p.5 The '-able' concepts (like enviable) say this thing deserves a particular response
1.4 p.9 Truths about value entail normative truths about actions or attitudes
1.4 p.10 The Buck-Passing view of normative values says other properties are reasons for the value
1.4 p.10 Values can be normative in the Fitting Attitude account, where 'good' means fitting favouring
1.4 p.13 Values from reasons has the 'wrong kind of reason' problem - admiration arising from fear
2.3 p.33 A thing may have final value, which is still derived from other values, or from relations
5.2 p.81 Things are only valuable if something makes it valuable, and we can ask for the reason
5.2 p.82 To avoid misunderstandings supervenience is often expressed negatively: no A-change without B-change
5.3 p.86 A complex value is not just the sum of the values of the parts
6.2 p.102 Trichotomy Thesis: comparable values must be better, worse or the same
6.4 p.108 Rather than requiring an action, a reason may 'entice' us, or be 'eligible', or 'justify' it
7.2 p.119 Final value is favoured for its own sake, and personal value for someone's sake
8.2 p.136 The Fitting Attitude view says values are fitting or reasonable, and values are just byproducts