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Ideas of C. Anthony Anderson, by Text

[American, fl. 2011, Professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara]

2014 Identity and Existence in Logic
1.5 p.59 Basic variables in second-order logic are taken to range over subsets of the individuals
1.5 p.60 The notion of 'property' is unclear for a logical version of the Identity of Indiscernibles
1.6 p.60 Individuation was a problem for medievals, then Leibniz, then Frege, then Wittgenstein (somewhat)
2.1 p.63 's is non-existent' cannot be said if 's' does not designate
2.3 p.67 Free logics has terms that do not designate real things, and even empty domains
2.5 p.71 We cannot pick out a thing and deny its existence, but we can say a concept doesn't correspond
2.6 p.72 Do mathematicians use 'existence' differently when they say some entity exists?
2.6 p.74 We can distinguish 'ontological' from 'existential' commitment, for different kinds of being
2.6 p.74 Stop calling ∃ the 'existential' quantifier, read it as 'there is...', and range over all entities