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Ideas of Demetris Portides, by Text

[Greek, fl. 2008, Professor at the University of Cyprus.]

2008 Models
'background' p.386 In the 'received view' models are formal; the 'semantic view' emphasises representation [PG]
'Current' p.388 Theoretical models can represent, by mapping onto the data-models
'Current' p.389 General theories may be too abstract to actually explain the mechanisms
'Current' p.389 Representational success in models depends on success of their explanations
'Current' p.391 The best model of the atomic nucleus is the one which explains the most results
'Intro' p.385 'Model' belongs in a family of concepts, with representation, idealisation and abstraction
'Intro' p.386 Models are theory-driven, or phenomenological (more empirical and specific)