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Ideas of Samir Okasha, by Text

[British, fl. 2008, Professor at the University of Bristol.]

2002 Darwinian Metaphysics: Species and Essentialism
p.201 p.223 Virtually all modern views of speciation rest on relational rather than intrinsic features
2016 Philosophy of Science: Very Short Intro (2nd ed)
1 p.2 Not all sciences are experimental; astronomy relies on careful observation
1 p.14 The discoverers of Neptune didn't change their theory because of an anomaly
2 p.4 Galileo refuted the Aristotelian theory that heavier objects fall faster
2 p.19 Science mostly aims at confirming theories, rather than falsifying them
2 p.24 Induction is inferences from examined to unexamined instances of a given kind
2 p.29 Randomised Control Trials have a treatment and a control group, chosen at random
2 p.35 If the rules only concern changes of belief, and not the starting point, absurd views can look ratiional
3 p.52 Multiple realisability is said to make reduction impossible
4 p.67 Theories with unobservables are underdetermined by the evidence
5 p.80 Two things can't be incompatible if they are incommensurable