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Ideas of Paul Audi, by Text

[American, fl. 2012, Professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Son of Robert?]

2012 Clarification and Defense of Grounding
3.2 p.102 Avoid 'in virtue of' for grounding, since it might imply a reflexive relation such as identity
3.2 p.103 Ground relations depend on the properties
3.2 p.103 Grounding is a singular relation between worldly facts
3.2 p.103 Worldly facts are obtaining states of affairs, with constituents; conceptual facts also depend on concepts
3.3 p.104 We must accept grounding, for our important explanations
3.3 p.104 A ball's being spherical non-causally determines its power to roll
3.3 p.105 Two things being identical (like water and H2O) is not an explanation
3.3 p.106 There are plenty of examples of non-causal explanation
3.4 p.108 If grounding relates facts, properties must be included, as well as objects
3.5 p.110 Reduction is just identity, so the two things are the same fact, so reduction isn't grounding
3.8 p.117 Ground is irreflexive, asymmetric, transitive, non-monotonic etc.
3.9 p.121 The best critique of grounding says it is actually either identity or elimination