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Ideas of Stephen Boulter, by Text

[British, fl. 2012, At Oxford Brookes University.]

2019 Why Medieval Philosophy Matters
1 p.33 Thoughts are general, but the world isn't, so how can we think accurately?
1 p.38 Our concepts can never fully capture reality, but simplification does not falsify
2 p.51 Science begins with sufficient reason, de-animation, and the importance of nature
2 p.55 Science rests on scholastic metaphysics, not on Hume, Kant or Carnap
2 p.58 Experiments don't just observe; they look to see what interventions change the natural order
4 p.104 Logical possibility needs the concepts of the proposition to be adequate
5 p.122 Aristotelians accept the analytic-synthetic distinction
6 p.144 The facts about human health are the measure of the values in our lives