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Ideas of Stuart Glennan, by Text

[American, fl. 2008, Professor at Butler University in Indianapolis.]

2008 Mechanisms
'causation' p.381 Since causal events are related by mechanisms, causation can be analysed in that way
'Discover' p.379 Modern mechanism need parts with spatial, temporal and function facts, and diagrams
'Intro' p.376 Mechanistic philosophy of science is an alternative to the empiricist law-based tradition
'Intro' p.376 Mechanisms are either systems of parts or sequences of activities
'Intro' p.376 Empiricist theories are sets of laws, which give explanations and reductions
'Intro' p.377 17th century mechanists explained everything by the kinetic physical fundamentals
'regular' p.378 Unlike the lawlike approach, mechanistic explanation can allow for exceptions