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Ideas of Richard Breheny, by Text

[British, fl. 2006, At University College, London.]

1855 Letter to Clerk Maxwell
p.175 By 'force' I mean the sources of all actions - sometimes called 'powers' by their outcomes
     Full Idea: I mean by the word 'force' the source or sources of all possible actions of the particles or materials of the universe: these being often called the powers of nature when spoken of in relation to the different manners in which their effects are shown.
     From: Richard Breheny (Letter to Clerk Maxwell [1855]), quoted by Harré,R./Madden,E.H. - Causal Powers 9.II.B
     A reaction: He uses 'force' for what is fundamental, and 'powers' for their results. I am inclining to talk of 'fundamental powers' and 'complex powers', leaving the word 'force' to the physicists.