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Ideas of G. Aldo Antonelli, by Text

[Italian, fl. 2011, At the University of California, Davis.]

2014 Non-Monotonic Logic
1 p.2 Reasoning may be defeated by new premises, or by finding out more about the given ones
1 p.2 In classical logic the relation |= has Monotony built into its definition
1 p.3 Cautious Monotony ignores proved additions; Rational Monotony fails if the addition's negation is proved
2.1 p.4 Weakest Link Principle: prefer the argument whose weakest link is the stronger
2.3 p.7 Should we accept Floating Conclusions, derived from two arguments in conflict?
3.2 p.11 You can 'rebut' an argument's conclusion, or 'undercut' its premises
3.5.1 p.18 Non-monotonic core: Reflexivity, Cut, Cautious Monotonicity, Left Logical Equivalence, Right Weakening
3.5.2 p.19 We can rank a formula by the level of surprise if it were to hold
4 p.26 People don't actually use classical logic, but may actually use non-monotonic logic
4 p.27 We infer that other objects are like some exceptional object, if they share some of its properties