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Ideas of Engelbretsen,G/Sayward,C, by Text

[, fl. 2011, two professors of logic.]

2011 Philosophical Logic: Intro to Advanced Topics
Intro p.2 Classical logic rests on truth and models, where constructivist logic rests on defence and refutation
7 p.132 Axioms are ω-incomplete if the instances are all derivable, but the universal quantification isn't
8 p.142 The four 'perfect syllogisms' are called Barbara, Celarent, Darii and Ferio
8 p.143 Syllogistic logic has one rule: what is affirmed/denied of wholes is affirmed/denied of their parts
8 p.144 Syllogistic can't handle sentences with singular terms, or relational terms, or compound sentences
8 p.146 Term logic uses expression letters and brackets, and '-' for negative terms, and '+' for compound terms
Ch.2 p.50 In modern logic all formal validity can be characterised syntactically
Ch.3 p.70 Unlike most other signs, = cannot be eliminated