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Ideas of George Engelbretsen, by Text

[Canadian, fl. 2011, Professor at Bishop's University, Canada.]

2005 Trees, Terms and Truth
p.37 Traditional term logic struggled to express relations
2 p.32 Term logic rests on negated terms or denial, and that propositions are tied pairs
2 p.32 Propositions can be analysed as pairs of terms glued together by predication
2 p.32 Negating a predicate term and denying its unnegated version are quite different
3 p.33 Standard logic only negates sentences, even via negated general terms or predicates
3 p.36 Was logic a branch of mathematics, or mathematics a branch of logic?
4 p.41 If facts are the truthmakers, they are not in the world
4 p.43 Terms denote objects with properties, and statements denote the world with that property
4 p.43 Existence and nonexistence are characteristics of the world, not of objects
4 p.43 Facts are not in the world - they are properties of the world
4 p.44 There are no 'falsifying' facts, only an absence of truthmakers
4 p.46 'Socrates is wise' denotes a sentence; 'that Socrates is wise' denotes a proposition
5 p.47 Individuals are arranged in inclusion categories that match our semantics
5 p.47 Logical syntax is actually close to surface linguistic form