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Ideas of Carrie Jenkins, by Text

[British, fl. 2010, Professor at Nottingham University.]

2008 Grounding Concepts
Intro p.8 Grounded concepts are trustworthy maps of the world
Intro p.9 Arithmetic concepts are indispensable because they accurately map the world
Pref p.-5 Senses produce concepts that map the world, and arithmetic is known through these concepts
1.2 p.19 There's essential, modal, explanatory, conceptual, metaphysical and constitutive dependence [PG]
3.1 p.74 Knowledge is true belief which can be explained just by citing the proposition believed
4.3 p.118 It is not easy to show that Hume's Principle is analytic or definitive in the required sense
4.3 p.121 'Analytic' can be conceptual, or by meaning, or predicate inclusion, or definition...
4.4 p.131 Examining accurate, justified or grounded concepts brings understanding of the world
4.4 p.135 We can learn about the world by studying the grounding of our concepts
4.6 p.144 The concepts we have to use for categorising are ones which map the real world well
4.8 p.156 Examining concepts can recover information obtained through the senses
5.3 p.166 Combining the concepts of negation and finiteness gives the concept of infinity
5.6 p.175 Verificationism is better if it says meaningfulness needs concepts grounded in the senses
6.3 p.187 Success semantics explains representation in terms of success in action
6.5 p.192 It is not enough that intuition be reliable - we need to know why it is reliable
8.2 p.224 The physical effect of world on brain explains the concepts we possess
Final - Branching p.265 Instead of correspondence of proposition to fact, look at correspondence of its parts