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Ideas of Jonathan D. Jacobs, by Text

[American, fl. 2010, Professor at St Louis University.]

2010 A Powers Theory of Modality
1 p.2 Unlike correspondence, truthmaking can be one truth to many truthmakers, or vice versa
1 p.2 We can base counterfactuals on powers, not possible worlds, and hence define necessity
3 p.6 Possible worlds are just not suitable truthmakers for modality
3 p.7 Concrete worlds, unlike fictions, at least offer evidence of how the actual world could be
3 p.7 If some book described a possibe life for you, that isn't what makes such a life possible
4 p.8 All modality is in the properties and relations of the actual world
4.1 p.11 If structures result from intrinsic natures of properties, the 'relations' between them can drop out
4.2 p.12 Powers come from concrete particulars, not from the laws of nature
4.2 p.12 States of affairs are only possible if some substance could initiate a causal chain to get there
4.2.1 p.14 Possibilities are manifestations of some power, and impossibilies rest on no powers
4.3 p.16 Science aims at identifying the structure and nature of the powers that exist
4.4 p.17 Possible worlds semantics gives little insight into modality
4.4.3 p.19 Counterfactuals invite us to consider the powers picked out by the antecedent