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Ideas of Ned Markosian, by Text

[American, fl. 2008, Professor at Western Washington University.]

2004 A Defense of Presentism
1 p.307 Presentism is the view that only present objects exist
2.1 p.308 Presentism has the problem that if Socrates ceases to exist, so do propositions about him
2.2 p.309 Presentism says if objects don't exist now, we can't have attitudes to them or relations with them
2.4 p.309 Presentism seems to entail that we cannot talk about other times
3.1 p.310 Serious Presentism says things must exist to have relations and properties; Unrestricted version denies this
3.10 p.329 Possible worlds must be abstract, because two qualitatively identical worlds are just one world
3.4 p.312 Maybe Presentists can refer to the haecceity of a thing, after the thing itself disappears
3.5 p.314 Maybe Presentists can paraphrase singular propositions about the past
3.7 p.317 Objects in the past, like Socrates, are more like imaginary objects than like remote spatial objects
3.8 p.322 People are mistaken when they think 'Socrates was a philosopher' says something
3.8 p.324 'Grabby' truth conditions first select their object, unlike 'searchy' truth conditions
3.9 p.326 Special Relativity denies the absolute present which Presentism needs
3.9 p.327 People who use science to make philosophical points don't realise how philosophical science is