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Ideas of Karen Bennett, by Text

[American, fl. 2009, at Cornell University.]

2011 Supervenience
Intro p.1 Supervenience: No A-difference without a B-difference
Intro p.1 Aesthetics, morality and mind supervene on the physical? Modal on non-modal? General on particular?
3.1 p.5 The metaphysically and logically possible worlds are the same, so they are the same strength
3.2 p.6 Supervenience is non-symmetric - sometimes it's symmetric, and sometimes it's one-way
3.2 p.7 Some entailments do not involve supervenience, as when brotherhood entails siblinghood
3.3 p.8 Reduction requires supervenience, but does supervenience suffice for reduction?
4.1 p.14 Weak supervenience is in one world, strong supervenience in all possible worlds
5.4 p.31 Definitions of physicalism are compatible with a necessary God