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Ideas of Adolph Rami, by Text

[German, fl. 2009, At the University of Göttingen.]

2008 Essential vs Accidental Properties
p.7 The extremes of essentialism are that all properties are essential, or only very trivial ones
§1 p.4 Physical possibility is part of metaphysical possibility which is part of logical possibility
§1 p.4 If it is possible 'for all I know' then it is 'epistemically possible'
§1 p.5 Unlosable properties are not the same as essential properties
§4 p.9 'Sortal essentialism' says being a particular kind is what is essential
§5 p.10 An 'individual essence' is possessed uniquely by a particular object
2009 Introduction: Truth and Truth-Making
03 p.3 Central idea: truths need truthmakers; and possibly all truths have them, and makers entail truths
04 p.5 There are five problems which the truth-maker theory might solve
04 p.5 The truth-maker idea is usually justified by its explanatory power, or intuitive appeal
05 p.8 Internal relations depend either on the existence of the relata, or on their properties
05 p.8 Truth-making is usually internalist, but the correspondence theory is externalist
05 p.8 Correspondence theories assume that truth is a representation relation
05 p.9 The truth-making relation can be one-to-one, or many-to-many
05 p.9 It seems best to assume different kinds of truth-maker, such as objects, facts, tropes, or events
06 p.10 Truth-makers seem to be states of affairs (plus optional individuals), or individuals and properties
07 p.16 Most theorists say that truth-makers necessitate their truths
08 p.25 Maybe a truth-maker also works for the entailments of the given truth
09 p.29 'Truth supervenes on being' avoids entities as truth-makers for negative truths
09 p.29 'Truth supervenes on being' only gives necessary (not sufficient) conditions for contingent truths
10 p.32 Deflationist truth is an infinitely disjunctive property
note 16 p.15 Truth-maker theorists should probably reject the converse Barcan formula