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Ideas of Tim Button, by Text

[British, fl. 2006, Graduate student at Cambridge and Harvard. Lecturer at St John's, Cambridge.]

2013 The Limits of Reason
01.1-3 p.8 Realists believe in independent objects, correspondence, and fallibility of all theories
02.1 p.14 Indeterminacy arguments say if a theory can be made true, it has multiple versions
02.1 p.15 Permutation Theorem: any theory with a decent model has lots of models
02.2 p.17 An ideal theory can't be wholly false, because its consistency implies a true model
02.3 p.18 The vagueness of truthmaker claims makes it easier to run anti-realist arguments
03.4 p.23 A sentence's truth conditions are all the situations where it would be true
05.1 p.33 Predictions give the 'content' of theories, which can then be 'equivalent' or 'adequate'
07.2 p.56 Cartesian scepticism doubts what is true; Kantian scepticism doubts that it is sayable
14.2 p.143 The coherence theory says truth is coherence of thoughts, and not about objects