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Ideas of Jody Azzouni, by Text

[American, fl. 2004, Professor at Tufts University.]

2004 Deflating Existential Consequence
Intro p.9 Truth lets us assent to sentences we can't explicitly exhibit
Intro p.10 In the vernacular there is no unequivocal ontological commitment
Ch.1 p.16 Truth is dispensable, by replacing truth claims with the sentence itself
Ch.3 p.54 If objectual quantifiers ontologically commit, so does the metalanguage for its semantics
Ch.3 p.55 We only get ontology from semantics if we have already smuggled it in
Ch.3 p.57 'Mickey Mouse is a fictional mouse' is true without a truthmaker
Ch.3 p.72 If fictional objects really don't exist, then they aren't abstract objects
Ch.3 n55 p.79 Names function the same way, even if there is no object
Ch.4 p.83 That all existents have causal powers is unknowable; the claim is simply an epistemic one
Ch.4 p.87 Things that don't exist don't have any properties
Ch.7 p.148 Modern metaphysics often derives ontology from the logical forms of sentences
Ch.7 p.150 The periodic table not only defines the elements, but also excludes other possible elements