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Ideas of Achille Varzi, by Text

[American, fl. 2003, Professor at Columbia University.]

2003 Mereology
1 p.2 Parts may or may not be attached, demarcated, arbitrary, material, extended, spatial or temporal
1 p.3 Mereology need not be nominalist, though it is often taken to be so
2.1 p.4 'Part' stands for a reflexive, antisymmetric and transitive relation
2.1 p.5 Conceivability may indicate possibility, but literary fantasy does not
2.1 p.5 If 'part' is reflexive, then identity is a limit case of parthood
2.1 p.5 Maybe set theory need not be well-founded
2.2 p.6 The parthood relation will help to define at least seven basic predicates
3 p.8 Are there mereological atoms, and are all objects made of them?
3.2 p.9 Sameness of parts won't guarantee identity if their arrangement matters
4.1 p.14 There is something of which everything is part, but no null-thing which is part of everything
4.3 p.18 'Composition is identity' says multitudes are the reality, loosely composing single things