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Ideas of R Kaplan / E Kaplan, by Text

[American, fl. 2003, Husband and wife who have both taught mathematics at Harvard University.]

2003 The Art of the Infinite
1 'Mind' p.25 1 and 0, then add for naturals, subtract for negatives, divide for rationals, take roots for irrationals
1 'Nameless' p.24 The rationals are everywhere - the irrationals are everywhere else
2 'Intro' p.29 The first million numbers confirm that no number is greater than a million
2 'Tablets' p.33 'Commutative' laws say order makes no difference; 'associative' laws say groupings make no difference
2 'Tablets' p.35 'Distributive' laws say if you add then multiply, or multiply then add, you get the same result
9 p.256 Using Choice, you can cut up a small ball and make an enormous one from the pieces