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Ideas of Jennifer Fisher, by Text

[American, fl. 2007, At the University of North Florida.]

2008 On the Philosophy of Logic
p.102 We could make our intuitions about heaps precise with a million-valued logic
06.III p.84 We can't explain 'possibility' in terms of 'possible' worlds
07.I p.95 Three-valued logic says excluded middle and non-contradition are not tautologies
07.II p.97 Vagueness can involve components (like baldness), or not (like boredom)
07.II p.100 Fuzzy logic has many truth values, ranging in fractions from 0 to 1
08.I p.107 If all truths are implied by a falsehood, then not-p might imply both q and not-q
08.III p.117 In relevance logic, conditionals help information to flow from antecedent to consequent
09.I p.131 Logic formalizes how we should reason, but it shouldn't determine whether we are realists
12.I p.162 Classical logic is: excluded middle, non-contradiction, contradictions imply all, disjunctive syllogism
12.IV p.187 We reach 'reflective equilibrium' when intuitions and theory completely align