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Ideas of Henry Laycock, by Text

[British, fl. 2006, At Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Devotee of Schubert.]

2006 Words without Objects
Intro 4 p.15 Plurals are semantical but not ontological
Intro 4 n23 p.11 Some non-count nouns can be used for counting, as in 'several wines' or 'fewer cheeses'
Intro 4 n24 p.12 Some apparent non-count words can take plural forms, such as 'snows' or 'waters'
Intro 4 n25 p.12 'Humility is a virtue' has an abstract noun, but 'water is a liquid' has a generic concrete noun
Pref p.-5 It is said that proper reference is our intellectual link with the world
Pref p.-5 The category of stuff does not suit reference
1.2 n22 p.29 We shouldn't think some water retains its identity when it is mixed with air
2.9 p.95 Parts must be of the same very general type as the wholes
4.4 p.135 If plural variables have 'some values', then non-count variables have 'some value'
5.3 p.153 Descriptions of stuff are neither singular aggregates nor plural collections