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Ideas of Marian David, by Text

[American, fl. 2001, Professor at the University of Notre Dame.]

2009 Truth-making and Correspondence
Intro p.138 Correspondence is symmetric, while truth-making is taken to be asymmetric
1 p.138 What matters is truth-making (not truth-makers)
1 p.141 Correspondence is an over-ambitious attempt to explain truth-making
1 p.141 One proposition can be made true by many different facts
1 p.141 What makes a disjunction true is simpler than the disjunctive fact it names
1 p.141 Two different propositions can have the same fact as truth-maker
2 p.144 It is assumed that a proposition is necessarily true if its truth-maker exists
4 p.152 A reflexive relation entails that the relation can't be asymmetric
4 p.153 Examples show that truth-making is just non-symmetric, not asymmetric
4 p.154 Correspondence theorists see facts as the only truth-makers
n 03 p.155 Correspondence theory likes ideal languages, that reveal the structure of propositions
n 14 p.156 If truths are just identical with facts, then truths will make themselves true