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Ideas of John Gray, by Text

[British, fl. 2002, Professor of European Thought at the London School of Economics.]

2002 Straw Dogs
1.9 p.25 Human knowledge may not produce well-being; the examined life may not be worth living
2.10 p.59 Knowledge does not need minds or nervous systems; it is found in all living things
2.12 p.69 The will hardly ever does anything; most of our life just happens to us
2.3 p.47 Without Christianity we lose the idea that human history has a meaning
3.13 p.109 Nowadays we identify the free life with the good life
4.1 p.119 What was our original sin, and how could Christ's suffering redeem it?
4.15 p.149 Over forty percent of the Earth's living tissue is human
2018 Seven Types of Atheism
Intro p.5 Judaism only became monotheistic around 550 BCE
Intro p.5 Gnosticism has a supreme creator God, giving way to a possibly hostile Demiurge
Intro p.5 Christians introduced the idea that a religion needs a creed
Intro p.6 Buddhism has no divinity or souls, and the aim is to lose the illusion of a self
Conc p.157 Free atheism should start by questioning its faith in humanity