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Ideas of Tim Mawson, by Text

[British, fl. 2003, At St Peter's College, Oxford.]

2003 Animal Rights talk
p. Rights are moral significance, or liberty, or right not to be restrained, or entitlement
     Full Idea: A 'right' can mean 'x counts morally', or 'x is permitted to do this' (liberty), or 'x can't be stopped from doing this' (negative right), or 'someone should provide this for x'.
     From: Tim Mawson (Animal Rights talk [2003]), quoted by PG - lecture notes
     A reaction: A useful analysis. It is a useful preliminary to considering whether any of these are natural rights. Personally I am sympathetic to that concept. You cannot deny a person's right to self-defence, even when you are sitting on them. Persons have rights.