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Ideas of Barry Maund, by Text

[Australian, fl. 2003, At the University of Western Australia.]

2003 Perception
Ch. 2 p.29 Ryle's dichotomy between knowing how and knowing that is too simplistic
Ch. 3 p.64 Perception is sensation-then-concept, or direct-concepts, or sensation-saturated-in-concepts
Ch. 6 p.116 Sense-data have an epistemological purpose (foundations) and a metaphysical purpose (explanation)
Ch. 8 p.161 Thought content is either satisfaction conditions, or exercise of concepts [PG]
Ch. 9 p.165 One thesis says we are not aware of qualia, but only of objects and their qualities
Ch.10 p.198 Mountains are adverbial modifications of the earth, but still have object-characteristics
Ch.10 p.199 Adverbialism tries to avoid sense-data and preserve direct realism
Ch.10 p.201 The Myth of the Given claims that thought is rationally supported by non-conceptual experiences