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Ideas of Keith T. Maslin, by Text

[British, fl. 2001, Head of Philosophy at Esher College, Surrey.]

2001 Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind
1.1 p.3 'Ontology' means 'study of things which exist'
1.7 p.23 I'm not the final authority on my understanding of maths
10.7 p.279 If we are brains then we never meet each other
3.8.6 p.93 Token-identity removes the explanatory role of the physical
6.3 p.167 Shadows are supervenient on their objects, but not reducible
7.4 p.197 Strict laws make causation logically necessary
7.5 p.201 Strict laws allow no exceptions and are part of a closed system
7.5 p.201 Causality may require that a law is being followed
7.6 p.203 Denial of purely mental causation will lead to epiphenomenalism
8.2 p.215 Analogy to other minds is uncheckable, over-confident and chauvinistic