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Ideas of Wilfrid Sellars, by Text

[American, 1912 - 1989, Taught at the University of Pittsburgh.]

1956 Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind
Ch. n22 p.250 The 'grain problem' says physical objects are granular, where sensations appear not to be [Polger]
1956 Does Emp.Knowledge have Foundation?
p.120 p.120 The concept of 'green' involves a battery of other concepts
p.123 p.123 If observation is knowledge, it is not just an experience; it is a justification in the space of reasons
p.123 p.123 Observations like 'this is green' presuppose truths about what is a reliable symptom of what
1962 Philosophy and Scientific Image of Man
p.27 p.95 Reduction requires that an object's properties consist of its constituents' properties and relations
p.3 p.5 Philosophy aims to understand how things (broadly understood) hang together (broadly understood)