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Ideas of Richard Taylor, by Text

[American, 1919 - 2004, Taught by Roderick Chisholm. At Brown University, then Professor at the University of Rochester]

2002 Virtue Ethics: an Introduction
Ch.10 p.61 To Greeks it seemed obvious that the virtue of anything is the perfection of its function
Ch.12 p.83 The modern idea of obligation seems to have lost the idea of an obligation 'to' something
Ch.14 p.90 Kant and Mill both try to explain right and wrong, without a divine lawgiver
Ch.16 p.110 Pleasure can have a location, and be momentary, and come and go - but happiness can't
Ch.2 p.7 The ethics of duty requires a religious framework
Ch.2 p.8 If we are made in God's image, pursuit of excellence is replaced by duty to obey God
Ch.2 p.8 Morality based on 'forbid', 'permit' and 'require' implies someone who does these things
Ch.5 p.30 'Eudaimonia' means 'having a good demon', implying supreme good fortune