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Ideas of Peter Singer, by Text

[Australian, b.1946, Born in Australia. At Oxford University, and Monash University, and now a Professor in the United States.]

1979 Practical Ethics
01 p.3 Conflict of rules might be avoided by greater complexity, or by a hierarchy of rules
02 p.21 Equality of interests is a minimal principle, not implying equal treatment
02 p.22 'Marginal utility' says something is more useful if it is in short supply
02 p.35 Equality of opportunity unfairly rewards those lucky enough to have great ability
03 p.70 Why should I do anything for posterity? What has posterity ever done for me?
04 p.78 The sanctity of a human life depends either on being of our species, or on being a person
05 p.97 Killing a chimp is worse than killing a human too defective to be a person
06 p.120 Why should a potential person have the rights of an actual person?
07 p.141 If a right entails having the relevant desire, many creatures might have no right to life
09 p.185 Following an inner voice for morality is irresponsible in a rational agent
09 p.190 If 49% of the population can be wrong, so can 51%
09 p.197 You can't condemn violent revolution without assessing the evils it prevents
10 p.204 Ethics is universalisable - it must involve an impartial and universal view of things
10 p.216 Psychopaths may just be bored, because they cannot participate in normal emotional life
1980 Marx
6 p.34 Materialist history says we are subject to incomprehensible forces
9 p.61 In Marxism the state will be superseded