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Ideas of Brian Davies, by Text

[British, fl. 1984, Of Blackfriars' College, Oxford.]

1982 Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
1 'Other' p.9 'Natural theology' aims to prove God to anyone (not just believers) by reason or argument
2 'Sayng' p.31 One does not need a full understanding of God in order to speak of God
3 'Evil' p.39 Paradise would not contain some virtues, such as courage
3 'Freedom' p.46 Can God be good, if he has not maximised goodness?
3 'Goodness' p.48 The goodness of God may be a higher form than the goodness of moral agents
3 'Goodness' p.50 How could God have obligations? What law could possibly impose them?
5 'God' p.79 A distinct cause of the universe can't be material (which would be part of the universe)
6 'b Has' p.101 If God is an orderly being, he cannot be the explanation of order
6 'Versions' p.95 The universe exhibits design either in its sense of purpose, or in its regularity
7 'Are the' p.125 Maybe an abnormal state of mind is needed to experience God?
7 'Experiencing' p.138 A believer can experience the world as infused with God
7 'Objections' p.121 The experiences of God are inconsistent, not universal, and untestable
8 'Meaning' p.141 God is 'eternal' either by being non-temporal, or by enduring forever