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Ideas of Michael Lockwood, by Text

[British, 1945 - 2018, Taught by A.J.Ayer. Of Green College, Oxford, and Director of Philosophy at Rewley House, Oxford.]

1971 Identity and Reference
p.209 p.44 An identity statement aims at getting the hearer to merge two mental files
1985 When Does a Life Begin?
p.13 p.13 I may exist before I become a person, just as I exist before I become an adult
p.19 p.19 It isn't obviously wicked to destroy a potential human being (e.g. an ununited egg and sperm)
p.24 p.24 If the soul is held to leave the body at brain-death, it should arrive at the time of brain-creation
1989 Mind, Brain and the Quantum
p.12 p.12 We have the confused idea that time is a process of change
p.121 p.121 No one has ever succeeded in producing an acceptable non-trivial analysis of anything
p.129 p.129 If something is described in two different ways, is that two facts, or one fact presented in two ways?
p.142 p.142 Commonsense realism must account for the similarity of genuine perceptions and known illusions
p.149 p.149 Empiricism is a theory of meaning as well as of knowledge
p.154 p.154 Maybe causation is a form of rational explanation, not an observation or a state of mind
p.155 p.155 There may only be necessary and sufficient conditions (and counterfactuals) because we intervene in the world
p.166 p.166 How come unconscious states also cause behaviour?
p.170 p.170 Can phenomenal qualities exist unsensed?
p.176 p.176 We might even learn some fundamental physics from introspection
p.25 p.25 Only logical positivists ever believed behaviourism
p.302 p.302 How does a direct realist distinguish a building from Buckingham Palace?
p.312 p.312 Dogs seem to have beliefs, and beliefs require concepts
p.313 p.313 Perhaps logical positivism showed that there is no dividing line between science and metaphysics
p.44 p.44 Could there be unconscious beliefs and desires?
p.46 p.46 A 1988 estimate gave the brain 3 x 10-to-the-14 synaptic junctions
p.56 p.56 Fish may operate by blindsight
p.71 p.71 Identity theory likes the identity of lightning and electrical discharges
p.73 p.73 If mental events occur in time, then relativity says they are in space
p.73 p.73 There is nothing so obvious that a philosopher cannot be found to deny it