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Ideas of Jonathan Bennett, by Text

[New Zealand, b.1931, Taught at Syracuse University.]

1966 Kant's Analytic
p.175 p.49 Empty space is measurable in ways in which empty time necessarily is not [Shoemaker]
1987 Event Causation: counterfactual analysis
p.217 Causes are between events ('the explosion') or between facts/states of affairs ('a bomb dropped')
p.218 The full counterfactual story asserts a series of events, because counterfactuals are not transitive
p.217 p.217 Either cause and effect are subsumed under a conditional because of properties, or it is counterfactual
p.219 p.219 A counterfactual about an event implies something about the event's essence
p.220 p.220 Maybe each event has only one possible causal history
p.221 p.221 Maybe an event's time of occurrence is essential to it
p.223 p.223 Delaying a fire doesn't cause it, but hastening it might
1988 Events and Their Names
p.12 p.369 Events are made of other things, and are not fundamental to ontology
p.22 p.4 Facts are about the world, not in it, so they can't cause anything